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10 | Skateboard Deck Design

Skateboard Collector

For our 6th and 9th anniversaries, I designed two pair of skateboards just for fun, as my partner used to skate and now only collects decks due to a knee injury. In our house in Melbourne, we have over forty decks hanging on the walls.

Ten/Deu Skateboard Deck Design

I love drawing directly on wood, so I decided to create two new decks for this years’ 10th anniversary together. The idea behind this design is that in a long relationship, you have plenty of good memories and others, that when recalling them, they still hurt. This is the represented by the beauty of flowers and spiky cactus.

Private Skateboard Design Collection

These three pair of decks combine the same messages in Catalan and English.

👫 Our first 6 years together // Els nostres primers 6 anys junts

👫 For the next nine years together // Pels propers nou anys junts

👫 Ten // Deu

Hand-drawn skateboard design using Posca and Molotow markers.