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12 | Skateboard Deck Design

Twelve/Dotze: Low-res Lifestyle | Skateboard Deck Design

On July 4th, my partner and I celebrated our 12th anniversary together.

Last year, Rob decided to go on a 9-month-sabbatical trip to nurture himself and recover from a professional burn-out. I know the great benefits of taking time off —as I had a sabbatical back in 2009, and I remember vividly every moment of it— so I encouraged him to do it. Was it easy for our relationship? Not at all.

Illustrated on the green deck are both of us living physically apart for most of 2019, and experiencing each other through a phone screen.

Illustrated on the wood deck is our COVID-19 relationship, which has turned into the complete opposite: Living together twenty-four-seven, literally on top of each other, and experiencing the world mostly in low res nowadays.

A few months ago, I watched Esther Perel talking about long-term relationships during COVID-19 times, and classifying them in two main categories: “Every couple is either going to see the cracks in their relationship, or they are going to see the light that shines through the cracks”.

After nearly five months in lockdown with my partner, I can only see the light through the cracks, and feeling grateful for having him by my side.

Custom Copperplate script lettering: Twelve/Dotze


Happy anniversary Mr Tickner.