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Six | Skateboard Design

This hand-drawn skateboard design is a personal project/gift to my partner to celebrate our sixth anniversary together.

My partner is a skateboard collector; we have a feature wall at home with forty-six decks, so I decided to design our own pair of skateboards to remember our first six years together.

The idea behind the project is to create a pair of decks that altogether form a yin yang concept. One deck is designed as the positive pole (natural wood background) and the other one as the negative (black background).

If we rotate the number “6” one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, we obtain number “9”, which draws the idea of the yin yang and yes —as everyone knows— other connotations.

My partner loves skulls and I love organic forms, so I have combined both concepts on the design. Both decks have the same message: Our first 6 years together. The upright version is in English and the upside down version in Catalan creating the pair.

Hand-drawn fonts in use: AW Conqueror Didot Light by Typofonderie and Worthe Numerals by House Industries.