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Old Fashioned | Artwork

This is my third illustrated cocktail artwork called All Passion featuring an Old Fashioned drink.

Old Fashioned Research

When I thought about whisky, the first image that came to my mind was a really comfortable dark space, full of beautiful leather couches and warm lights; a very intimate space with cigars.

I did some research about the cocktail’s recipe and I decided to work on oranges as the main ingredient for this piece. I love this fruit and its colours.

All the oranges and the glass were drawn by hand using a 0.38mm and 0.50mm ballpoint pen. Then scanned, cleaned and coloured in Photoshop.

Doing further research about this cocktail I found an interesting post which states:

The Old-Fashioned is at once ‘the manliest cocktail order’ and ‘something your grandmother drank’ and between those poles we discover countless simple delights, evolutionary wonders, and captivating abominations. […] It is a platform for a bar to make a statement […]

Old Fashioned Lettering Process

The lettering of this artwork comes from  a song titled “Good Old Fashion Lover Boy”. I used to be a big fan of Queen when I was younger, so this song gave me the inspiration for the message “I learnt my passion in the good Old Fashioned”.

Regarding the lettering style, from the beginning I had the idea of creating a neon sign combined with a leather couch pattern in the background.

I began to work on the lettering using a monoline. Then I vectorised the forms and added layers of bright colours on top using Illustrator.

Photograph by Mark Lobo from Foliolio
Frame by Wilma Art Framing Concept
Artwork available on my online store