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13 | Skateboard Deck Design

In 2013, I designed a pair of decks for my partner and I sixth anniversary together. Rob used to skate and due to a knee injury, he now only collects decks. We have more than 40 decks handing from one of our walls at home.

Many moons have passed since our sixth anniversary, and in recent years I have created the habit of designing a pair of decks for our anniversaries. Each pair of skateboards reflect the emotions and state of affairs of our relationship. You can check past designs here:

Six / Sis
Nine / Nou
Ten / Deu
Eleven / Onze
Twelve / Dotze



Thirteen / Tretze Skateboard Design 2021

For this year’s thirteen anniversary, Blackletter was an obvious choice for our pair of decks: Small counters, very small letter/personal space.

Despite all the challenges since the beginning of the Pandemic, and the intense conviviality of the last eighteen months, I’m happy to share that our relationship has only strengthened, which makes my heart sing.