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Bloody Maria | Artwork

From 2012 to 2014 my professional career focused exclusively on textile prints, although my formal education is Graphic Design and my major, typography. After these two years working on patterns, I felt the urge of combining my illustration skills with my passion for typography. This artwork is the result of my first attempt combining surface patterns with typography.

Bloody Maria Design Brief

I love tomatoes and I like vodka, so obviously Bloody Mary is always my cocktail of choice. I thought of this funny idea combining a pattern made out of the basic ingredients of the cocktail accompanied by the alternative popular saying a Bloody Mary a day keeps the doctor away.

Bloody Maria Pattern

Hand-made line art using a 0.38 and 0.50mm ballpoint pens. Pattern retouched and coloured in Photoshop and final lay-out in Illustrator.

Bloody Maria Lettering

The base for the lettering is my own calligraphy using a ruling pen and walnut ink. After that, using 0.38mm ballpoint pen I added weight. Then, I scanned the hand lettering and vectorised the letterforms using Illustrator. As a final step, I added hand-drawn details on top of the lettering to make it more human and less computer-perfect.

Every element of the pattern has been drawn at around 15x15cm on tracing paper. The final layout is done in Illustrator at about 70x100cm. The lettering has been hand-drawn at a DIN A-4 size. The current artwork is a limited edition of 200 art prints all signed and numbered.

Sizes available: 50 x 70 cm
Paper stock: 320gsm slightly textured 100% cotton rag paper


Pencil Work Illustration


Bloody Mary Calligraphy


Bloody Mary Hand Lettering


Bloody Mary Vector Lettering


Bloody Mary Full-Colour Artwork

Photograph by Mark Lobo from Foliolio
Artworks available on my online store