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ShitShow | Solo Exhibition at T2 (Spain)


What a Shitshow | Second solo exhibition in Spain

On Friday June 21, I opened my second solo exhibition in Spain, this time in front of the Mediterranean sea at the Art Centre Tinglado 2, in Tarragona.

The show is a retrospective of my last six years of personal and professional practice, and a cultural bridge between my country of birth and my country of residence across nine walls and more than eighty pieces including skateboard design, textile design, illustration, lettering, surface patterns, calligraphy, typography and type design.

Special thanks goes to the Art Centre La Panera for co-producing this exhibition, believing in me and in my work in the first place. All photographs by my dear friend and talented photographer Xavi Vaqué.

The exhibition remains open to the public till August 25, 2019.



Coordination: Cultural Department, Art Centre Tarragona Team
Production: Centre d’Art La Panera, Ajuntament de Lleida and Ajuntament de Tarragona
Project manager: Xavier Torrent
Installers: Quim Gironella i Jordi Alfonso
Photographer: Xavi Vaqué
Vinyl printer: Talamonte
Special thanks goes to: Institut Guindàvols de Lleida and The Design Conference Brisbane