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9 | Skateboard Deck Design

In 2006, I designed a pair of skateboards for our 6th anniversary. I really enjoyed the experience of drawing on wood so I decided to design Nine, a pair of skateboard designs for my partner and I 9th anniversary.

Nine/Nou Skateboard Deck Design

Both skateboards have the same message in English and Catalan:

“For the next (NINE) years together”
“Pels propers nou (ANYS) junts”

The Copperplate lettering is not very legible, making part of the message hidden (just for ourselves and a few of you now), nevertheless the sentences make sense without discovering the words “nine” and “anys”.

The background on both skateboards represent our native environments: Gum trees, palms and pines. I grew up with the smell of pine trees and the taste of pine mushrooms (rovellons) and these will always bring me back to my hometown.

Hand painted using a Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip.