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MarchTwentyTwo | Font In Progress

MarchTwentyTwo typeface design was born during the Summer Condensed Program at Cooper Union in New York City, 2012.

Type@Cooper Condensed Program, NYC

Type@Cooper was a great learning curve professionally and personally. Being admitted at Cooper Union gave me the motivation to go back to my broad nib and expansion pens and start writing calligraphy as a daily exercise before our daily commissioned work.

At Type@Cooper I had the opportunity of developing my second typeface design called March22. I thought it would be a good idea to create a corporate typeface for our textile design projects. The typeface is a work-in-progress project.

I want to give special thanks to Jean François Porchez who taught me a way of hand drawing type design that I have applied to my textile prints and lettering work. Now I approach textile design and lettering in a very similar way, combining both skills in my daily work.

Thanks to: Cara Di Edwardo, Sumner Stone, Stéphane Elbaz, Just Van Rossum and Hannes Famira.

Photograph by Edgardo López