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Green Fairy | Display Chromatic Font Family

Green Fairy is the result of an intense nine-month-full-time personal investment and I couldn’t be happier with this release! The font is NOW available commercially at MyFonts and on my online store. Long live Green Fairy!

Green Fairy Lettering

Green Fairy was born as a lettering design, part of an illustrated cocktail artwork designed in 2015 called “Absinthe, La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy)”.

Green Fairy Font Family

Green Fairy is a chromatic font family highly ornamented for display purposes. Green Fairy’s characters have been specifically designed to accommodate its loops and ornaments following a modern typeface structure.

Green Fairy has four weights:

1. Green Fairy Outline
2. Green Fairy Dots 
3. Green Fairy Stencil 
4. Green Fairy Full

The outline weight has been created as the base for the other weights. You can combine these weights as well as add colours to obtain multiple effects and type styles.

Green Fairy has also three combined weights (combos) to simplify your work flow, for these occasions when you only want to use one single colour in your font:

5. Green Fairy Dots Combo
6. Green Fairy Stencil Combo
7. Green Fairy Full Combo

Green Fairy Origins

The origin of this typeface is the lettering I designed in October 2015 as part of my illustrated cocktail artwork called Absinthe. La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy)”. Originally, this lettering only featured eight letters “AB·SINTHE” vector drawn in Illustrator.

Right after creating the full-colour artwork, I designed a fountain-letterpress print version of it, in collaboration with Ladies of Letters, A.K.A. Carla Hackett and Amy Constable from Saint Gertrude Fine Printing.

At the beginning of 2016 —and thanks to the project @36daysoftype I found the motivation, and most importantly the deadline, to draw the rest of the twenty-six letters of the uppercase alphabet using Illustrator.

I started 2017 having my first two calligraphy courses sold out, so I took this amazing opportunity to devote myself to Green Fairy for a few months. I purchased the font software Glyphs and I started to re-draw all twenty-six letters of the uppercase alphabet again.

Green Fairy Font Diacritics

Green Fairy Packaging Concepts

Green Fairy has been released commercially at MyFonts and on my online store. You can read an extensive post about the struggles to releasing the font here. Thanks for watching!