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Script Meets Fraktur Alphabet | Type

Recently, I launched my first self-paced pre-recorded course called “Pump Up Your Copperplate Calligraphy”. It’s been a great experience as I could spend several weeks focused on Copperplate calligraphy, while designing a course —which I believe—provides much value to beginner and intermediate students with existing knowledge on this hand.

In January 2023 I studied Blackletter again, this time under the tuition of John Stevens. This is my sixth time studying this calligraphy style and I’m currently fascinated by the Fraktur ultra bold version of Rudolf Koch.

With this lettering piece, I am conceptualising two styles that are close to my heart, while exploring further shapes, contrast, colour and texture.



In 2016 and 2017, I joined 36 Days of Type designing two sets of display uppercase alphabets. My 2016 entry turned into my first independent font family called Green Fairy.

Inspired by the lettering project above, I decided to develop two sets of display alphabets and join the 2023 edition again. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did while creating them.



Below you can see a few original pencil sketches of the Script and Fraktur alphabets.