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Roller Coaster | Newsletter


First of all, I hope you and all your family are safe and healthy.


In the last two months many things have happened, and it seems like change is the only certainty.

My mood is a total roller coaster. I have moments when I’m truly enjoying the isolation, and the forced opportunity to slow down. I’m having long sleeps, cooking healthy meals, and almost feelings ecstatic.

I have other moments when I feel extremely worried about my parents in Spain, and I have nightmares about the possibility of them getting sick and me not being able to fly to see them.

I have moments when I’m feeling very focussed and productive, while remembering the times when I started as a freelancer, and my inbox was empty day after day.

I have moments when I feel sad, as I don’t know how long this situation is going to last.

I have moments when I feel very optimistic, as I truly believe this “going back to basics” situation could be our chance to make things better, by reflecting on what’s important and what’s not. By prioritising our wellbeing. By thinking of our planet and the strategies we can implement to avoid more pandemics. By questioning our social structures, and how we can build a justice framework where diversity and inclusion are truly implemented.

Sometimes, I have moments when I don’t know if I’m more scared about the idea of everything changing, or the idea that nothing will change after all.

Overall, my biggest challenge for the next few days is appreciating my partner again; as in the last week he has driven me crazy and I’m not even sure why!


I would love to hear from you.


Tell me how are you coping and if your life has changed a lot or not; if you are busy with work or there is no work at all; if you feel alone or more connected than before; if you are eating healthier or drinking more than ever; and if you —like me— feel like riding a roller coaster.

Love, Maria xx


This article was first published as part of my bi-monthly email newsletter called “May 2020: Roller Coaster”.