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Neuland Calligraphy

I currently run Neuland calligraphy workshops in Melbourne. These below are my ongoing calligraphic exercises.

Repeat after me: “No place for hate, sexism, racism, fascism, homophobia, anti-semitism”.

Never, ever. I love being a student as much as being a teacher. Being on the student’s side of the classroom makes me a better instructor. And by being an instructor, I’m constantly learning plus it has helped me to become a better student as I’m not afraid anymore about asking a million questions. Win win.

‘What’s the most challenging part of what you do? Dealing with the internal dialogue with myself and the pressure of having to answer all my own questions. Listening to my inner voice telling me that I won’t be able to make it, that it is too hard, or even that it is a total waste of time… Most of the times, I push through and “stop feeding the beast”, but not always.’ Artwork inspired by @elleluna interview on Design Matters with @debbiemillman three years ago.

Special thanks to @nibstermag for inviting me to be part of this very special issue surrounded by so many calligraphers, teachers and peers I very much look up to.

The Shit Series, 2018

The Shit Series, 2017

Self-promotional piece, 2017

The Shit Series, 2017

The Shit Series, 2017

The Shit Series, 2017

The Shit Series, 2016

Neuland calligraphy, 2016

“The making of letters in every form is for me the purest and greatest pleasure” Remembering Rudolf Koch (20 November 1876 – 9 April 1934). Neuland calligraphy using a bamboo pen, walnut ink and liquid watercolours. April 9, 2016.

“Climate change is killing our reefs” Calligraphic sketch for a press ad campaign that never saw the light. On June 7th, The Guardian published a full article about it. Bamboo pen with walnut ink and liquid watercolours. June 20, 2016.

The Quiet Ones is a calligraphic logotype done during my Postgraduate Course in Advanced Typography, under the tuition and direction of Keith Adams. Neuland calligraphy using a bamboo pen and liquid watercolours, Barcelona 2011.