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Carolingian Calligraphy

I currently run Carolingian calligraphy workshops in Melbourne. These below are my on-going personal calligraphic exercises.

“In my travels, I meet a lot of graphic designers and I’m always so surprise to hear how many of them want a ‘style’ (wether is a good or bad idea to develop a ‘style’ is another argument entirely). They think it will bring them more opportunity or more notoriety or more money, and in some ways, they’re right of course. However you can’t go actively looking for a ‘style’. You have to let it come to you, you have to stumble on it. And the only way you do that is with time and effort and letting your own sensibilities and personality come through.

If you are a maker, and you’re interested in making, then you have to make a lot of stuff for a long time; you have to play and be curious and experiment with many ‘styles’. Then, maybe if you stumble on a ‘style’ that is authentic to you, you can go ahead and let it kill you” By Timothy Goodman.

This quote and specially the text above, both from talented illustrator and designer Timothy Goodman, has always deeply resonated with me. It makes me reflect on the importance of the process and our personal creative journey.

Repeat after me: “No place for hate, sexism, racism, fascism, homophobia, anti-semitism”.

“When was the last time you tried something for the first time” Modern Carolingian calligraphy using a 3mm broad nib pen and liquid watercolours.

“Let’s pretend this shit never happened” The Shit Series. Modern Carolingian using a 3mm Brause&Co nib and liquid watercolours.

“Dont’ chicken out, chicken shit” The Shit Series. Modern Carolingian using a 3mm Brause&Co nib and liquid watercolours.

The last ten days, after the loss of my cat, have been pretty sad but I am determined to find the GOOD energy I brought back from Barcelona.

Two calligraphic styles, two voices. Modern Romans at the top using a pointed flexible nib, and Modern Carolingian at the bottom using a 3mm broad pen.