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The Shit Series | Part 4

The Shit Series is a personal project that kick started by my fascination with language and all the colloquial ways Aussies use the word shit.

Since its infancy back in January 2016, this series have grown through organic collaboration and using calligraphy, hand lettering, vector lettering and typography.

The inspiration behind these series is my Catalan Christmas celebrations. On Christmas Eve in Catalonia, we celebrate the “caga tió” (Christmas log that shits presents). We also feature the “caganer” (the shitter) in our Christmas nativity scene.

My Shit Series have taught me a lot of Australian slang. Check out the entire project, the inspiration behind each post and the tools I have used to create them; Good shit guaranteed!

The Shit Series | Part 4: Post 76 to Past 100


Post number #76: I like to blow shit up

Quote by Cindy Gallop.

Post number #77: Sharing the shit out of everything

“Social media is simply a new methodology that allows women to do what we have been doing since the dawn of time, which is ‘sharing the shit out of everything’ in a way that men don’t” Quote by Cindy Gallop.

Post number #78: Make a shit ton of money

“Be totally unashamed about wanting to ‘make a shit ton of money’ […] As women, we don’t get taken seriously until we get taken seriously financially. And so women you owe it to the rest of us, to absolutely be determined to make a shit ton of money so you can then invest it in the rest of us, female founders, and help women build businesses”.

A few weeks ago I listened to Debbie Millman interviewing Cindy Gallop on Design Matters and I got really empowered, so I designed three posts based on Cindy’s quotes during that podcast.

Post number #79: Take no shit

Thanks to the contribution of @lisachristinalorenz.

Post number #80: That’s a crock of shit

This is how I feel about my Roman Capitals… So much room to improve!

Post number #81: It’s so shit outside!

This week has been all about 🌧🌧and more 🌧… Winter is coming!

Post number #82: You are hanging shit on me

Two calligraphic styles, two voices. Modern Romans at the top using a pointed flexible nib, and Modern Carolingian at the bottom using a broad pen.

Post number #83: Making shit up

Italic calligraphy using a 3mm broad nib and liquid watercolours.

Post number #84: Let’s pretend this shit never happened

Modern Carolingian using a 3mm broad nib and liquid watercolours.

Post number #85: You are driving a shitbox

Post dedicated to my friends @teaganglenane and @craig_mcconaghy who met last year at Shitbox Rally and are currency on their way to Adelaide to start their second @shitboxrally together.

Post number #86: Shit kicker

Thanks to the contribution of @ben_stephen

Post dedicated to all fellow designers like myself, who’ve spent countless hours doing tedious tasks and dreaming of better times.

Post number #87: Shit head

Thanks to the contribution of @ben_stephen

For the last five months I have invested a huge amount of hours working on my typeface. The font is not finished yet, but I’m definitely getting there.

After spending my entire Sunday using a brush, I have decided to allocate more time for analog practice and new tools.

Post number #88: Free shit

Experimenting with paint and a Rekab 313 brush.

Post number #89: I know my shit

This post is dedicated to all medical students and future doctors out there, whose efforts and passion will save and improve many lives.

Post number #90: Let’s group hug it out…

“Let’s group hug it out, have a cathartic cry, regain perspective, pat a dog and support the shit outta each other” by @katepullendraws

With this post I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported, encouraged and shared my creative journey so far.

Post number #91: Scared Shitless

Presenting my first public speaking gig at Typism Conference.

Post number #92: Packing Shit

This post was part of my @typism talk and represented my feelings about coming to Australia:

“It took me twenty-nine years to find the courage to pack my bag and book a one-way ticket overseas. I was so scared of feeling homesick and running back home at the first chance, that I flew to the furthest destination possible, as it would cost me an arm and a leg to book a return ticket back home.

The twenty-eight hours flight from Barcelona to Brisbane was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life”.

Post number #93: Shit Yes!

YES to Marriage Equality
YES to Love
YES to Peace
YES to Dialogue
And please… NO to Violence

My heart is with marriage equality in Australia and with peaceful dialogue process in Catalonia.

Post number #94: Dead shit

This week I went to urban dictionary to read the meaning of this expression again: “Lost, no idea what’s going on; does things so stupid that no person that has any logic can explain. All round stupid” And I could help but thinking immediately of someone that starts with_ _ _ and finishes with _ _ , don’t you?

Post number #95: I just ate shit

Thanks to the contribution of @teaganglenane

At the age of six I started figure roller skating. I was training every second day, a total of twenty hours a week. I loved everything about skating except the competition season.

My trainer was really tuff on all of us. I remember one day going to compete and feeling sick. I don’t know if I was really sick, or just freaked out, but I was throwing up in the toilette while the MC was calling my name on the microphone. So, I ran outside, performed my two-minute program and went back to the toilette. After that day, I started to hate skating.

At the age of 14, I had a bicycle accident where I totally ate shit! I broke the posterior cruciate ligament from my left knee. I was supposed to be sad because this meant that my skating career had arrived to an end but instead, I was secretly happy and relieved because I couldn’t handle the pressure anymore!

Post number #96: I’m in deep shit

My heart is with Catalonia.

“In a world of excess let’s switch off our phones, let’s want less, let’s blame and complain less, let’s be here and do something about what really matters. Let’s fight for our rights, let’s stand and voice our feelings, let’s scream at injustice and most of all, let’s stop waiting for governments and politicians to change something because they won’t. Let’s face the reality of the parade we live in, and change on a daily basis as much as we can by changing our eating habits, our thoughts, our talks, and our day to day relationship with life.” By @sattvasattva

Post number #97: Dipshit

Thanks to the contribution of @madevisual and the inspiration of @andyjpizza and @homsweethom via Creative Pep Talk.

One fish asks another fish “how’s the water?” The other fish replies, “what the hell is water?” David Foster Wallace was an American writer who died in 2008 at the age of forty-six.

In his speech —addressed to a graduating class at Kenyon College— David reflects on the difficulties of daily life. You can read the full speech here.

My points are:

1) I was once a fish who didn’t know I was in water;
2) It’s easy to forget that what surrounds you is only normal because it’s what you know. To others, those surroundings might seem pretty strange;
3) Contrary to popular belief, the goldfish memory span is far beyond three seconds;
4) Goldfish have the capacity to learn and adopt patterns of behaviour. Yep, this means you can train them!
5) They are not stupid at all.

Post number #98: What a Shitshow

I’m super excited to present my second solo exhibition, this time in Spain at the Art Centre La Panera. This exhibition is a retrospective of my last five years of professional and personal practice, combined with several new pieces and the official presentation of my Green Fairy font family.

The inspiration behind this show is the use of language, the popular sayings and my Catalan scatological background featuring the acts of drinking, eating, peeing, and pooping as four elements part of a natural cycle in relationship and respect towards the land (ecology avant la lettre).

Post number #99: Pretty shit

When something kind of sucks. As a beginner at anything, it’s very common to say “that’s pretty shit”, or my personal all-time favourite “this is not good enough” whatever good enough means.

I learnt Copperplate calligraphy in 2011 for the first time. I sucked at it for a very, very long time. This style of calligraphy never came natural to me and it has taken me many years to reach a point where I am feeling comfortable with the pointed pen and finally feeling the flow.

My teacher Amanda Adams once told me “your pens are like your dogs; you take them for a walk every day no matter if it rains, it’s cold or hot, you just do it”.

In my personal experience there are no shortcuts, only practice. And, if you decide to put your pointed pen down to sleep for a few weeks/months, be prepared to feel all the shakes again, guaranteed.

Post number #100: Good shit takes time

Patience is not one of my strengths and my Green Fairy font has been a painful reminder of it.

I want to get there faster, I want to see results sooner and I want to make shit happen quicker… But sometimes, it is not possible.

Often, good shit takes up a big chunk of time and it all comes down to embracing your day a day and enjoying the process, and I am very much working on it.


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