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Charlie’s Logotype Refresh | Brand Identity

Charlie’s Cookies recently reached out to review their current brand identity and to proceed with a logotype refresh. These are the steps we followed to create the new Charlie’s brand identity.

Client: Charlie’s Fine Food Co.
Art Direction: Lauren Vilitati

Charlie’s logo is usually framed within a circle and uprising. These were my first thoughts about the logotype refresh and all the improvements to be done.

The word “cookies” was not legible at small sizes and I was wondering if we needed the word cookies at all in smaller applications.

Charlie’s logotype: First proposal

After my first proposal, we explored two more variations of the logotype.

Charlie’s decided to replace the word “cookies” for “Family Food Co.” so I created a stamp shape to discuss possible logo applications.

The following steps were: 1) simplify the shape of letter c, 2) change the loop of the r, 3) increased the loop of the l, 4) draw the apostrophe, 5) redraw letter s and 5) create straight terminals for all letters.

The next steps were reducing the loop of the r, and exploring different s shapes, removing its loop and making it smaller.

This Charlie’s final logotype considering all its applications.