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Little Ruin Adventure Game | Logotype

I’m really proud to be collaborating with Lucernal’s creative director Mark Fenollar, the lead artist on this beautifully-crafted project, one of ten games that recently shared funding through Film Victoria’s Assigned Production Investment (API) – Games program.

A narrative-driven adventure game, Little Ruin is set in a stunning, crumbling art nouveau world of moral ambiguity. The story casts the player in the role of a 13-year-old girl named Isobel who is entangled in the machinations of a colonial civil war.

This is Little Ruin Adventure Game’s lettering identity.

UI elements for Little Ruin Adventure Game including the menu, dialogues, gamepad icons and game navigation.

Daylight Little Ruin graphics by creative director Mark Fenollar from Lucernal’s. The adventure game is currently under development.