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L’oscar Hotel Feather | Logomark

L’oscar London is a lavish boutique hotel in the heart of Holborn, set within the former Baptist Church headquarters. This turn-of-the-century, grade II listed, architectural gem has been extravagantly restored by world-leading décorateur, Jacques Garcia and the operating company, L’oscar International. It features 39 bedrooms, a restaurant, café and bar.

Inaria commissioned me a series of intricate feather illustrations to reflect the bird motifs used throughout the interior design. This detailed feather became part of the identity of the brand new L’oscar Hotel in London.

The challenge was to create a modern and seductive logomark based on the hedonistic lifestyle of Oscar Wilde and the Bloomsbury Set, together with the visually-charged designs of Jacques Garcia.

The vector feather was carefully built having in mind embossing, letterpress and offset printed outcomes. L’Oscar Hotel opened its doors recently and I’m very pleased to see the results.

Agency and image credits: Inaria Luxury Brand Design Consultants
Art Direction: Andrew Thomas