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Mr Peel | Indoor Mural

Rick and Nicole commissioned me a mural for Mr Peel Cafe in Collingwood, Melbourne. The briefing was creating an organic shape in black and white displaying specific ingredients from Mr Peel’s menu.

The client suggested designing a beautifully organic form that was not necessarily obvious to recognise at first glance.

I wrote down a list of herbs and ingredients mentioned in our meeting and I decided to go with lemon flowers, lemons (as the branding colour is yellow) and celery.

I presented my first sketch of the mural to the client. Looking for something more minimalistic, Nicole and Rick simplified my proposal suggesting to only use the celery leaves. I updated the sketch and they signed off on the mural.

Dimensions: The mural is nearly 4 x 4 metres
Materials: Posca permanent markers

All photographs below by the talented Nicole England