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Rotson Studios

Rotson Studios is a logo designed for a co-working space in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Australia). The name of the studios does refer to the original name of the building called Rotson Knitting Mills. I thought that keeping the name acknowledges the rich history of the building and also brings back to life the great signage in place, helping everyone to find them easily!

Rotson is inspired by the original R of the signage of the building. I started with a few hand-sketches and then jumped on the computer to vectorise it. The original logo had references of the knitting mills background but the client decided to simplify it. The word “studios” is set in AW Conqueror Inline Regular by Typofonderie.

I did a few applications of the logo, one of them with the logo inverted and placed in a circle on top of a knitting pattern. From here, we decided to paint one of the walls of the studio and draw a chalk lettering with the logo. And this is the result.

Original signage of the building

First pencil sketch

Hand lettering

Vector lettering. “Studios” set in AW Conqueror Inline

Chalk lettering. Photograph by Rocio Delapenna.

Rotson Studios. Photo by Teagan Glenane

Rotson crew, December 2014. Photo by Peter Tarasiuk