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Ippon Print | Womenswear Collection

I was commissioned by independent Melbourne fashion label Chorus to create a textile design and embellishments for their latest collection called The Realease. This is the first collaboration with Chorus and so far the experience has been fantastic.

Ippon Print | Briefing

Judo uniforms, motifs and terminology. Stills from 1978 martial arts film ‘Heroes of the East’ and vintage instructional magazines presenting movement frozen in time.

Ippon Print | Design Process

I wanted to create a textile print design that from far away had a traditional look and feel, but when looking at it closer, you could discover the basic elements of the pattern becoming a non-conventional print, and containing in itself two layers of information.

Elements of the Judo uniform can be seen in soft suiting, tie fastenings and generous proportions. Literal motifs of judo men caught in motion are printed onto jersey styles and laser cut from multi coloured acrylic appearing in the form of jewellery, accessories and embellishment. Judo terminology reflecting physical or emotive characteristics is used to name each piece.

Chorus showcased their collection The Release at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014 in the Designer Runway 4.



Ippon print design applied to a dress and top and jumpsuit.



Following the print design, Chorus created a series of acrylic embellishments.



Another application of the Ippon Print was the creation of jewellery, in this case a pendant.



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