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The Richardson Family | Private Commission

The Richardson Family is a lettering artwork commissioned by Nathan Tremlett for our common friends Megan Richardson and Alan Richardson. The client approached me with the idea of creating a customised wedding gift under the idea of synergy.

I researched synonyms of synergy and found some words that I liked and I thought they gave a positive message: Unity, symbiosis and harmony. I also included concepts of family such as trust, love and respect. And lastly, I included their own names: Megan, Alan, Evelyn and Mae.

Following the definition of synergy –the creation of a whole is greater than the sum of its parts– I thought of creating a contemporary typographic doily, referencing those old school knitted ones that can be found at home.

I showed a loose sketch to the client and we decided to change the word “synergy” by “family” and move ahead.

Once the lettering was finished, I experimented with reducing some elements and see how far could I go.

These below are a few close-ups of the final piece printed on 320gsm cotton rag paper.

Nathan and I gave the artwork to them in private on their wedding day and their faces made all my efforts totally worth it.

Final artwork

Vector lettering printed at 30 x 40 cm on 100% cotton rag paper.

‘The Richardson Family’ has been selected to be part of the ‘Goodtype The Book Volume One’. Thanks guys! @goodtype