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Typism Conference | Keynote Speaker

Watching yourself on screen is shocking…

Last weekend, I watched my Typism talk and I was like: “WTF?! That’s how I talk… And my accent…” But very happy to have done it, and even happier to have the video to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

Next year’s conference is set for August 4, so put that in your calendars and if you’re super keen, Typism have made 30 super early bird tickets available, so if you want a Typism 2018 ticket at a crazy price, head over to the ticket site now

And the images below are my Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop hosted at Griffith University, Gold Coast on Friday September 29, 2017.

Thank You Typism

Big thanks to Typism for giving me this amazing opportunity, I had a blast and learnt a lot from this experience.