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Type Design Education for Graphic Designers | Lecture

Recently, I gave a guest lecture part of the “Principles of Typeface Design” class lead by Troy Leinster at Type@Copper in New York City. I decided to make this presentation public as I thought it could be beneficial to other graphic design students and mid-career practitioners interested in learning more about typography and typeface design, but not seeing themselves becoming full-time type designers.



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These are a few great institutions and individuals who offer in-person and/or online type design education:

Master Type And Media at Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Type@ Cooper, The Cooper Union in NYC

Type West Online, Letterform Archive

Tipo G, Escuela de Tipografía de Barcelona

Type Paris

Foundations of Type Design

Practica Online Program

Australian Type Foundry

Principles of Typeface Design

Type Design Couching

More institutions here.


Additional free resource to learn more about type:

Ohno Type School