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True Blood | Wine Label Concepts

This project is inspired by popular TV show True Blood. On this show, vampires and humans coexist together. To make this possible, they have created a new product for the vampire community called that simulates human blood.

The target of this project is to show that in our society, without having real vampires, we’re actually devouring each other, specially the politic and financial sectors towards the middle and lower classes.

Taking a few steps further, I would like to package bloody events in our history, such as wars and massacres and set the dates on the bottles creating a line of vintage bottles of blood to make us think about how many lives we are loosing and how much blood we are giving away.

This project is about learning from our own mistakes, is about giving support to each other and most importantly is about love and respect.

Personal project developed during my Postgraduate Course in Advanced Typography, Barcelona 2012.
Art Direction: Fernando Gutiérrez

Bloody Organic: All flavour, no bite
Organic blood comes from humans grown according to organic food principles (grass-fed or grain finished).

True Bloody Mary: Such on this
40% Vodka
50% Fresh local blood
10% Others: Red hot sauce, green hot sauce, a dash worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, a pinch of salt, peppers and stalk celery.
Usually used as a cocktail, and your number one source for horror movies!