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The Quiet Ones | Newsletter

My father recently asked me: “If you could travel back in time, where would you go?” I mentioned it to my dear friend Danielle Brodie and she brilliantly reflected “Back in time to when we had a dozen kids because contraception was not an option? Or when we couldn’t vote? Or when epidural and period cups were not invented?…”

Dad, I only want to travel to the future, where women’s safety, equal opportunities and representation is no longer a dream but a reality. Where men AND women support women.

The image above is a homage to all creative women who came before me; who didn’t find support nor representation in the industry but kept showing up and working in the dark. Thanks to those quiet ones, we are all here today, raising our female voice and fighting for women’s rights, gender pay gap, equality and inclusion.

This newsletter is a call out to all men AND women to support and champion women today, and every day.

If you are —like me— in a privileged position, speak up for those ones who can’t. The bigger your audience, the bigger your responsibility; the bigger your privilege, the bigger your responsibility.

Happy International Women’s Day from a very proud multilingual, multicultural, independent female voice.

Maria xx


Australia, Act Now!

“I want you to act. I want you to behave like our house is on fire, because it is.” by Greta Thunberg.

Let’s keep talking about it, let’s keep the conversation going.

This was my contribution to LETTER-FORM group show held at Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne. This exhibition was a one night only event, displaying the work of super talented typographers, letterers, calligraphers and all-round type practitioners.

Special thanks to the 18 people who’ve purchased a copy of my LOVE charity print. So far, we have raised $1800 together 🖤 100% of sales are donated to CFA Victoria. Currently 6 copies left.


M for 36 Days of Type | Collaboration

A few weeks ago, I was invited to contribute a letter M for 36 Days of Type  for their 2020 edition.

I wanted to reflect my journey and feature my strengths being calligraphy, lettering, custom type, illustration and patterning. Pretty stocked with the result! Watch the animation here.

Special thanks to @will_hunt_you_down for his support and assistance in all the animations featured on this newsletter.


The Heroine’s Journey | Interview

What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work?
The financial instability, although I am fully aware that this is a counterpart of what I like the most, which is the freedom of being a full-time freelancer. So, if I have to choose between financial stability and freedom, I would go for the latter one.

Check out the complete interview by Peter De Kuster here.


Greetings from Wonderland | Collaboration

Gender Equality: It’s a land where genitals do not define social ranking, status or power. Our human ability to love, to give, to support and to unite for human justice is what makes equality one of our wonderland’s highest values.

Greetings From Wonderland is a collaborative project between Lara Captan and myself. It is an ode to our friendship that crosses cultures and oceans, mixed with our love for letters that cross time, space and dimensions. Check it out here.

Latin Lettering: Maria Montes
Arabic typeface: Kanat by Lara Captan


Cabernet Franc | Wine Label

Typographic wine label designed for Whistle Post winery in Coonawarra (South Australia). Check it out here.


Dreaming Out Loud | Signwriting

In November 2019 I attended a signwriting course with Larry from Sign Vision Melbourne. Larry is an extremely generous teacher and I cannot recommend his course enough.

The image above is an example of my signwriting practice at home, because I still need to have fun with my work without having the pressure from a client behind my shoulder.

Because dreaming is free, these are the places I would love to visit in 2020! Watch my first signwriting video here.


Escriptura i Sensibilitat | Article in Catalan

En Jordi Ribas ha escrit un article molt maco sobre la meva feina, el podeu llegir en aquest link.


Calligraphy Workshops Melbourne

These below are my upcoming calligraphy workshops in Melbourne. Beginner and intermediate levels welcome.

Calligraphy Workshops 2020
Sun 15 March: Italic
Sat 21 March: Copperplate
Sat 2 May: Copperplate

Brush Calligraphy
Weekend Workshop

Sat 17 Apr: Copperplate Calligraphy
Sun 18 Apr: Script Brush Lettering

Copperplate Capitals
Weekend Masterclass

Sat 16 May: Copperplate Capitals A–M
Sun 17 May: Copperplate Capitals N–Z

Brush Calligraphy
Weekend Workshop

Sat 13 Jun: Copperplate Calligraphy
Sun 14 Jun: Script Brush Lettering

Italic Calligraphy
Weekend Masterclass

Sat 20 June: Copperplate Capitals A–M
Sun 21 June: Copperplate Capitals N–Z

This article was first published as part of my bi-monthly email newsletter called “March 2020: The Quiet Ones”.