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My trip overseas this year was better than ever. I opened my second solo exhibition in Spain, I spoke at TypeParis and Adobe France, and I had the opportunity of visiting close friends and family around Europe. The highlight? My people, plus I fell in love with Porto. 


Calligraphy Retreat Expressions of interest

I’m currently working on a few personal projects including a possible calligraphy retreat in 2020, more to come soon! 

I would like to know how many of you would be interested in joining me for a long weekend calligraphy retreat, so that you have preference before I make a public announcement across all my social channels. Email me with the subject “Calligraphy Retreat”.


Wedding calligraphy services

I get asked for wedding calligraphy services in a regular basis —which I don’t provide— so I thought of putting this question out there. I would like to have a database of my students and professionals in Melbourne who provide this service with the intention of recommending a few of you every time I get this type of enquiry. Hit reply and let me know:

  • Your best email address
  • Website
  • Styles you specialise in
  • Instagram account 


Australian women releasing fonts

In the last twelve months, I have given a couple of conference talks where I asked publicly if someone knew another Australian women releasing fonts commercially. Well, I am very glad to announce that I have finally met one! Her name is Sophie Elinor and she released Strato commercially on The Designers Foundry in 2014. Anyone else out there?


Free Love

A few weeks ago, I taught a calligraphy workshop at Columba Girls College in Melbourne. In the classroom, they had a hanging banner that made me reflect on myself at my students’ age.

The image above is a message to my younger self who didn’t learn how to dream big for a very long time.

Download a free iPadiPhone and desktop wallpaper for personal use only.



Calligraphy Workshops in Melbourne

These below are my upcoming calligraphy workshops in Melbourne. Beginner and intermediate levels welcome.

Copperplate Capitals
Weekend Masterclass

(!) 3 spots left
Sat 14 Sep: Copperplate Capitals A–M 
Sun 15 Sep: Copperplate Capitals N–Z

Saturday 5 October
Copperplate Calligraphy

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Festive Calligraphy
Weekend Workshop

Sat 12 Oct: Pentel Touch Pen
Sun 13 Oct: Pentel Aquabrush


TypeParis Talk 2019

“What is the reason why you are designing? What are the impacts of your work? What legacy do you want to leave behind in this visual culture? What responsibility do we, in the design sector, have?”

For the non-French speakers, this is the meaning of my first two sentences: “My name is Maria Montes and I am honoured to be here with all of you. Excuse me, but I don’t speak French, so I’ll continue in English now.” 

And for the French speakers, excuse my accent!

Watch this talk here (51 min). Photo by the talented Gina Serret.


Shitshow Virtual Tour

On August 25, my second solo exhibition “What a Shitshow” at T2 in Tarragona closed its doors after two months. This is a virtual tour of the show thanks to Social Space (01:32 min).


Neuland Calligraphy Featured Project

Last month, Behance featured my project called “Neuland Calligraphy” in the Typography category of their Graphic Design Gallery. Check it out here.

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