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She Did It! | Article


My trip overseas this year was better than ever. I opened my second solo exhibition in Spain, I spoke at TypeParis and Adobe France, and I had the opportunity of visiting close friends and family around Europe. The highlight? My people, plus I fell in love with Porto. 


Calligraphy Retreat Expressions of interest

I’m currently working on a few personal projects including a possible calligraphy retreat in 2020, more to come soon! 

I would like to know how many of you would be interested in joining me for a long weekend calligraphy retreat, so that you have preference before I make a public announcement across all my social channels. Email me with the subject “Calligraphy Retreat”.


Wedding calligraphy services

I get asked for wedding calligraphy services in a regular basis —which I don’t provide— so I thought of putting this question out there. I would like to have a database of my students and professionals in Melbourne who provide this service with the intention of recommending a few of you every time I get this type of enquiry. Hit reply and let me know:

  • Your best email address
  • Website
  • Styles you specialise in
  • Instagram account 


Australian women releasing fonts

In the last twelve months, I have given a couple of conference talks where I asked publicly if someone knew another Australian women releasing fonts commercially. Well, I am very glad to announce that I have finally met one! Her name is Sophie Elinor and she released Strato commercially on The Designers Foundry in 2014. Anyone else out there?


Free Love

A few weeks ago, I taught a calligraphy workshop at Columba Girls College in Melbourne. In the classroom, they had a hanging banner that made me reflect on myself at my students’ age.

The image above is a message to my younger self who didn’t learn how to dream big for a very long time.

Download a free iPadiPhone and desktop wallpaper for personal use only.


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