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Pump Up Your Copperplate | Course Announcement

Pump Up Your Copperplate Calligraphy

Refine, up-skill and fine tune your existing Copperplate calligraphy skills with this pre-recorded self-paced course. Full life-time access included. Book your spot here.

This Course in a Nutshell

This course has been designed to offer beginner and intermediate students with existing knowledge of Copperplate calligraphy an on-going 12-week support in their learning journey. Using an attention to detail and in-depth approach, students will solidify their knowledge as well as up-skill, refine and fine tune their Copperplate calligraphy skills.

Basically, this course is a bridge between my live online Level 1 and Level 2 Copperplate courses.

Course Overview

This calligraphy course features 16 modules with videos and handouts to support you and your Copperplate calligraphy journey. I strongly recommend studying 1 hands-on lesson per week —from Module 4 to Module 16. In this way, you’ll focus on a specific topic for 7 days, making this course an on-going learning support for 3 months!

My teaching style is a mix of my professional practices which are calligraphy, lettering, typography and type design. I analyse in depth key characters of the lower and uppercase alphabet (minuscules and majuscules) to give you additional insights on the relationship between letters, and to offer a better understanding of the structure of a script (connected) alphabet.

Table Of Contents

This course covers the following modules:

— Module 01: Welcome to my course!
— Module 02: Materials + additional resources
— Module 03: Left hander set up
— Module 04: “b” variations
— Module 05: “p” variations
— Module 06: “f” and double “ff” + finger vs. hand and arm movement
— Module 07: “r” variations + double “rr”
— Module 08: “s” variations + double “ss”
— Module 09: “x” variations
— Module 10: Letter connections
— Module 11: “I, B, R, P, F, T” variations
— Module 12: “Y, Z” longer capitals
— Module 13: Low vs. high contrast. Condensed vs. Extended
— Module 14: Word spacing + line spacing
— Module 15: Creating a title
— Module 16: Maria Montes portfolio of work

What Is Included?

— 12 hands-on lessons offering you an on-going support for 3 months.
— In-depth explanations and demos of key characters of the alphabet
— Left-handed set up options
— Variations on lowercase & uppercase letters
— Challenging letter connections
— Word and line spacing instruction
— Additional videos on types of paper, inks and nibs
— Additional video on how to prepare a new nib, hand and paper positioning

What Will You Learn In this Course?

At the end of this course, your Copperplate calligraphy will be precise and elegant without the addition of flourishes nor complex letterforms yet. The structure of your Copperplate alphabet will be sound, and your visual and motor skills will gain confidence. Let’s do it!



FAQ: Do I need previous experience in Copperplate calligraphy?

Yes, this course is designed yo support students who have already learnt the foundations of Copperplate calligraphy and are looking for an on-going support to elevate their calligraphy, as well as consolidating their existing knowledge.

I you have never been introduced to Copperplate calligraphy, I strongly encourage you to join one of my Level 1 live online course introducing you to this style of writing and setting the foundations of this alphabet. You can check my next course dates in here.

FAQ: Is it a 12-week course? Does that mean after 12 weeks we lose access to the course?
Or we retain lifetime access but the support ceases?

You have a lifetime access to the course. Twelve weeks is my only recommendation, as it will will be very beneficial if you focus on one practical module per week. In the end, it is totally up to you how you do the course.

FAQ: What does support mean?

You have a lifetime access to the course. Twelve weeks is my only recommendation, as it will will be very beneficial if you focus on one practical module per week. In the end, it is totally up to you how you do the course.

FAQ: I would like to know if you give us any personal feedback if we send some of our practice to you?

Yes, if you send me your homework by email, I’ll review it and give you feedback.


About Your Instructor

Maria Montes is an independent calligrapher, lettering designer and illustrator specialised in branding assets and calligraphy education. Originally from Barcelona, she moved to Australia in 2006 where she currently resides.

Her multidisciplinary practice expands across brand identity, packaging illustration, custom lettering, calligraphy, fashion, art and culture. She has been teaching calligraphy independently since 2014 including: Copperplate, Italic, Blackletter, Carolingian, Neuland, skeleton Roman Capitals and Brush lettering.

Maria studied a Postgraduate Course in Advanced Typography in Barcelona and a Condensed Program in Typeface Design at Type@Cooper in NYC. In 2018 she released her first independent display chromatic font family called Green Fairy.