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Illustrated Cocktail Artworks

I am really excited to present my new body of work featuring a series of illustrated cocktail artworks and patterns prints created from the individual cocktail ingredients, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

All Passion featuring an Old Fashioned Cocktail.

The Stimulant featuring an Espresso Martini cocktail.

Señorita Margarita featuring a Piña Margarita cocktail.

Ciao Negroni! featuring a Chilli-Choc Negroni.

Absinthe, La Dama Verte.

Mojito, Pasión Cubana featuring a Strawberry Mojito.

Presenting my new series of pattern prints created from the individual cocktail ingredients starting with Bloody Maria Pattern.

Piña Margarita Pattern.

Cuban Mariposa Pattern.

Coffee Plant Pattern.

Strawberry Mojito Pattern.

Gin Tonic Wood Engraving (Photograph by Teagan Glenane).

Absinthe Wood Engraving (Photograph by Teagan Glenane).

Letterpress cards collaboration with Ladies of Letters

All photos, unless specified, by Mark Lobo from @foliolio
All frames by Kane Blanchard from Wilma Art Framing Concept.
You can check the photographs from Breaking The Ice exhibition opening day here.