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Greetings from Wonderland | Collaboration

Greetings From Wonderland is a collaborative project between Lara Captan and myself. It is an ode to our love for letterforms and friendship that crosses cultures and oceans, mixed with our love for letters that cross time, space and dimensions.

Latin Lettering: Maria Montes
Arabic typeface: Kanat by Lara Captan

Social Inclusion

It’s a world where, no matter where you come from, who you are into, and what you look like or believe in, you are allowed to be yourself and you are accepted. We believe in a society based on inclusion.

Cultural Diversity

It’s a land where everyone embraces difference, uniqueness, being geeky, strange, naive, short-tempered, a bit crazy, quite moody, of all hues, values, directions, spectrums. We celebrate diversity.

Personal Exploration

It’s a world filled with adventure, with inner searches into the depths of our minds, our fears, our strengths, both past and present. It’s where skills and thoughts are questioned, developed; wonderland is where boundaries are pushed, with flaming energy.

Gender Equality

It’s a land where genitals do not define social ranking, status or power. Our human ability to love, to give, to support and to unite for human justice is what makes equality one of our wonderland’s highest values.

Unity and Community

Everything is interconnected. We celebrate the threads that weave all living beings to one another, and all the balances of the planets that make our human life possible.

Empathy and Humanity

We believe in opening our arms and ears to people, who else do we have but each other?