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Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners | Article

In February 2016, I hosted a Copperplate calligraphy workshop for beginners at Como House & Gardens in Melbourne.

This was my first time at this amazing location and I felt very privileged to be sharing my knowledge in such a historical environment. The theme of the class was an introduction to Copperplate calligraphy for beginner students.

My friend the great photographer, Teagan Glenane, came to Como House & Gardens and took these amazing shots of my calligraphy workshop.

Calligraphy workshop for beginners

The workshop was at the Ball Room, and I had fourteen students from all ages and backgrounds.

I always write in calligraphy all letters of the alphabet in front of the students and talk about letter proportions, ductus (order of the strokes), counter spaces and letter spacing.

One-to-one feedback

After we have written a few letters, I come and see all students one by one. I think the most challenging part of Copperplate calligraphy for beginners is actually getting use to the nib, as it is not a familiar tool to us. The second challenge for a beginner is actually following the dramatic slope of thirty degrees.

I always bring to all my workshops examples of applied works. When possible, I also bring samples of my calligraphy teachers. In this case you can see my Copperplate Calligraphy certificate, designed by Amanda Adams and a letter addressed to me by Oriol Miró. I also found an original contract from 1886 at Els Encants Market in Barcelona.


Calligraphy materials

I use walnut ink for all my calligraphy workshops. My teachers taught me this way and I use the same system. Walnut ink let you see through every  movement and pause of your hand, and I find it really good for learning and gaining confidence through your own strokes.

The location is stunning and everyone seemed to enjoy the Copperplate calligraphy workshop very much.



Special thanks to Amber Evangelista for organising this Copperplate calligraphy workshop for beginners and to Teagan Glenane for the great shots.