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Green Fairy Beverages

Green Fairy is a chromatic font family highly ornamented for display purposes. Green Fairy’s characters have been specifically designed to accommodate its loops and ornaments following a modern typeface structure.

The origin of this typeface is the lettering I designed in 2015 as part of my illustrated cocktail artwork called Absinthe. La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy). Originally, this lettering only featured eight letters “AB·SINTHE” vector drawn in Illustrator.

At the beginning of 2016, I found the motivation to draw the rest of the twenty-six letters of the uppercase alphabet, followed by the numbers, currency symbols, diacritics, punctuation marks as well as spacing an kerning.

In April 2018, Green Fairy font family (seven weights) was finally released commercially at MyFonts. In June 2018, I presented Green Fairy officially at my solo exhibition in Spain called What a Shitshow designing nine different beverage concepts to display my font in use.

Below you have my sparkling water, olive oil and my range of white, rosé and red wine packaging designs. See the rest of Green Fairy alcoholic liquors here. Cheers!

Photograph by Xavi Vaqué