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Nibs | Beginners Copperplate FAQ Series


My new educational video is called “Nibs”. It is a part of a series called Copperplate FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), where I answer questions about Copperplate calligraphy that many of my students have asked before. This particular video focuses on different types of nibs used in Copperplate calligraphy.

Here are some of the recommended nibs mentioned in the video:


Copperplate nibs for total beginners

Nikko G (medium flexibility)

Zebra G (medium flexibility)

Tachikawa G (medium flexibility)


Pointed flexible nibs for intermediate and advanced students

Hunt Imperial 101 (most flexible)

Leonardt Principal EF

Gillott 404

Gillot 303

Hunt 22B


Stiffer Copperplate calligraphy nibs

William Mitchell Elbow Nib

Cervantinas 1943 Regia


This 20-minute video also provides information about blank guidelines for calligraphy and offers further education through live online calligraphy courses. Leave me a comment on Youtube if you have further questions. Happy writing!