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Across Borders Project | Solidarity Posters


Across Borders is a global, cross-cultural initiative that believes in design as a tool to create boundaries and create a positive impact on society.


I’m really proud to have been a small part of Design Across Borders in collaboration with Kisyuu and alongside other 50+ women who invested their time and talent to create a series of posters which contributed to donate almost two hundred Across Borders Dignity Kits to Syrian women and girls in four refugees camps in the Beka’a Valley of Lebanon.

The refugee settlements that received the sanitary kits were Ale Askar, el Louis, Al Maïs and Al Saros. The kits were distributed with Mayuscula partner NGO Rescate and their local collaborator NAVTSS.

Across Borders Kits products were bought directly in Lebanon in order to reduce environmental impact due to transportation, and to help reinforce local economy.

Each kit contained basic hygiene products lasting up to 4 months:


• Toothbrush

• Shower gel 750 ml

• Toothpaste 125 ml

• Wet wipes

• 5 packs of maxipads

• 2 hand sanitizing gels

• Antiseptic spray with alcohol 250 ml

• Shampoo 500 ml

• 3 panties

• Liquid soap 500 ml


Read more about this project and see the poster collection here.