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Señorita Margarita – Artwork

This is the inspiration behind my fifth illustrated cocktail artwork called Señorita Margarita featuring a Margarita cocktail.

Señorita Margarita is an homage to Mexico and tequila. And that is the reason why I have introduced the Spanish Word señorita in my artwork. Below is my personal connection with this drink.

A few years ago back in Barcelona, I studied a Master’s Degree in Interactive Interfaces Design. The course was a great personal experience as it consisted of a group of twelve students representing seven different nationalities. One of my classmates, Rodrigo Morales (from Mexico), taught us about Mexican food and good tequila, and he brought some amazing samples to our reunions. I associate that period of my life with a fascination for tequila and a loving relationship with Mexico, which I am yet to visit.

I learned about this variation on the classic Margarita when I first visited Nieuw Amsterdam. The name Piña Margarita resonated with me, and after seeing one of their Instagram posts displaying the drink, I decided to use New Amsterdam’s cocktail recipe to create my new artwork.

Señorita Margarita features pineapples, lemons, limes and agave.

The lettering design is an interpretation of my own calligraphy. I chose Copperplate calligraphy to write the heading.

Using my calligraphic sketch as a reference, I started drawing the lettering on top with tracing paper. Once I was happy with the hand-lettering sketch, I moved to the computer to vectorise and interpret the letterforms.

The phrase my heart belongs to is set in Miłosz Italic, my own typeface design in progress.

Once the lettering was finalised, I began drawing the glass. All my line work is done by hand using a 0.38mm and 0.5mm ballpoint pens.

I wanted to have a big palm in the background to bring dynamism and organic forms. Below you’ll see a section of the original line work at A2 size.

After all elements had been hand drawn, I moved to the computer to clean the images and apply colour. Señorita Margarita is a refreshing artwork, using bold colours and Tropicana vibes.

Copperplate Calligraphy

Hand lettering

Vector lettering

Photograph by Mark Lobo from Foliolio
Frame by Wilma Art Framing Concept
Artwork available on my online store