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Last August 2016 my good friends, Lauren and Filipe Vilitati, surprised everyone with a secret wedding celebration in Fitzroy North, Melbourne.

I decided to create an original artwork as a wedding gift for both of them. The idea behind the illustration is combining Australian (Lauren’s background) and Fijian (Filipe’s background) native flora and fauna to build the LOVE message. The artwork features rosella birds, waratah, birds of paradise and hibiscus flowers.

A rosella is one of six species of colourful Australian parrots. Rosellas are native to Australia and nearby islands. Male and female always travel together and they enjoy bathing in puddles of water in the wild.

LOVE is a typeface design in progress. I first drew the lettering “absinthe” for an illustrated cocktail artwork featuring the classic French drink.  A year ago, thanks to the project @36daysoftype I found the motivation and most importantly, the deadline to push this alphabet out there. You check out the rest of the 26 capital letters in 3 versions (outlined, dotted and filled) here. In the next months, I’ll be drawing the numbers and punctuation marks and hopefully releasing the font in this lifetime.

Final size: 120 x 65 cm
Paper stock: Moulin Du Gue 270gsm
Pens: Rotring Rapidograph, Posca marker and Pentel Touch brush pens
Photographs: Lauren Vilitati

Congratulations Lauren and Filipe! I’m so happy for both of you.

Photo by Elsa Campbell

Photo by Teagan Glenane